Strategic Planning for Verona’s Future

Every time I meet with residents, they ask great questions about the future of Verona. Our residents wish to know how the Township Council will address development, safety, recreation, infrastructure, community outreach, and sustainability in the present and the coming years.

In order to ensure the best future for Verona, the Township Council and administration must commit to prioritizing the development of multi-year strategic plans that identify specific goals with desired outcomes. The Verona Township Council is a five-member governing body. It is the diverse experiences of the members that strengthen the council in order to engage in the best discussions for Verona. Through the strategic process, the Township would involve more people with expertise in different areas that can help to inform the plan, ensuring that the product is representative of the greater community.

As your councilman, I would encourage the Township to open the planning process to as many residents as possible through a steering committee and several topical workgroups that would recommend objectives and action items to the Council and Manager for adoption. Specific committees could include:

  • Business and Downtown development 
  • Shared Services and Public-Private Partnerships
  • Communications
  • Sustainability 
  • Diversity and Inclusivity 
  • Public Safety and Emergency Services
  • Infrastructure 
  • Civic Organization Articulation and Engagement
  • Residential Development 
  • Public Health 

Through harnessing the strengths of the many diverse individuals and groups in Verona, we can develop a proactive, transparent plan for the future that can drive how the Township allocates its limited resources to serve the community. As residents, we should hold council members accountable for ensuring that the government accomplishes the planned outcomes.