Supporting Verona’s Businesses and Consumers

Verona’s small businesses have been one cornerstone of our community as a foundation of the great strength and resilience of our town. The Coronavirus pandemic has created challenges for all Verona businesses. Our residents have stepped up to support the shops, restaurants, and service providers who have always been benefactors of our civic organizations, schools, and sports teams. We should continue to shop and dine locally.

In order to continue to move Verona forward, we must engage in deliberate strategic planning with a wide variety of stakeholder groups who can offer insight into how to optimize the business environment in town. If elected, I will advocate for meaningful participation from across Verona. While this initiative is underway, I would ensure that the Township Council supports the development of a consumer and proprietor-friendly downtown by:

  • Conducting market research to ascertain the goods and services that Verona residents seek from out-of-town vendors. The Township can provide this information to landlords and real estate agents in order to attract those businesses into Verona.
  • Developing anchor stores and services that will attract people to the business district and introduce them to other nearby stores and restaurants.
  • Creating an online commercial directory in order to help our residents make informed decisions about keeping their business in Town.
  • Incentivizing commercial property owners for attracting long-term tenants and making physical improvements to their storefronts.
  • Engage in public-private partnerships to increase access to parking and green space in the town center. Use existing spaces while securing these goals by facilitating development that meets the needs of our town. Ensure that commercial areas are walkable and attractive.

These initiatives will help to keep our residents seeking goods and services in Verona and will make the town a destination for visiting consumers. We can accomplish this while fostering relationships between the Township and our small business community.