Chris' platform: Unity - Prosperity - Accountability - Transparency 


  • Reach and connect all of Verona's demographic groups: long-time Verona families; new residents; retirees; families with children; young couples; homeowners; renters
  • Promote and celebrate the culture of support and pride in Verona
  • Connect various civic organizations and groups in town through networking
  • Support the Township emergency services in their missions to help the residents and visitors of Verona


  • Conduct responsible municipal budgeting and capital planning in order to ensure that Verona is an affordable place to live for all residents
  • Use PILOT funds to finance capital expenses in order to reduce debt service
  • Evaluate all fees that Township residents pay in addition to property taxes
  • Incentivize property owners to fill vacant storefronts and office spaces in order to beautify the town and increase participation in the economy
  • Conduct research to determine the retail and service industries that Verona residents would like to see in our community. Work to attract those businesses to town.
  • Ensure that development in the Township meets the needs of our residents


  • Develop a multi-year strategic plan for the Township that the Council commits to executing which is based on feedback from residents, business, and civic organizations
  • Engage in decision-making informed by constituent feedback
  • Provide a detailed annual report to all residents outlining how their taxes and fees have been allocated


  • Provide increased access to public records on the Township website
  • Provide public meeting notices and summaries that offer insight into key issues facing Verona
  • Educate residents on the functions of the Township Council and the many boards and committees in Town
  • Promote public comment on issues affecting the Township