My Investment in Verona

In June 2020, I was fortunate to purchase my first home on Sunset Avenue in Verona. My home’s location on an idyllic tract of land overlooking a brook is symbolic of why I chose to build my life in Verona. 

I grew up in Long Valley, a rural suburb in western Morris County, where families knew and supported one another. It was a large area with small-town charm, which remains to this day safe and welcoming.

After joining the Verona High School faculty in 2008, my students and their families quickly embraced my teaching style and welcomed me to town. I quickly felt at home for the second time in my life. I knew I had to move my residence to the town that had become my new home.

I was lucky to find a great rental property which accepted my cherished dog, Hawkeye, who became as much of a recognizable figure in town as I. Being a responsible tenant, and having an appreciative landlord who did not raise my rent, allowed me to save money to meet my long-time goal of owning a home in Verona. After investing the next ten years of my time and energy into the Township as a teacher, Verona Rescue Squad member/leader, deputy emergency management coordinator, and non-profit board member, I was able to seize the opportunity to make the ultimate investment in town: purchasing my house on Sunset Avenue.

I chose to make the long-term commitment to further build my life in Verona because this is a town where neighbors share more than just a street – we share pride in our community. As I walk my new dog Radar throughout Verona, one hand is on the leash, while the other is quick to return a wave to friends, neighbors, students, families, and passers-by. 

Now, closing in on my first year of homeownership, while seeking a role on Township Council, I am able to learn from residents who have made the same investment in both property and community. Just like I have spent the last year improving my home, I have worked for thirteen years to do the same for the health, safety, and education of our town. I will endeavor, as your councilman, to enthusiastically take action to enhance all aspects of life and government in Verona so that we can remain the hidden gem in Essex County.