Chris Tamburro Announces Candidacy for Verona Township Council

Dr. Christopher Tamburro has announced his candidacy for Verona Township Council in the May 11, 2021 nonpartisan municipal elections. Tamburro is a high school teacher in the Township who serves as a special operations coordinator for the Verona Rescue Squad and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for the Township of Verona.

“I am excited to seek this special opportunity to expand my public service to the residents of Verona. Since starting my career in Verona 13 years ago, I have developed a great appreciation and respect for the spirit and strength of our Township. This led me to move into Verona 11 years ago and purchase a house in town this past year. Working behind the scenes in education and emergency services has inspired me to help the community grow through this new role. I have gained an understanding of the needs of the various different groups who together make up our town. I look forward to expanding this knowledge through conversations with residents,” Tamburro said.

Tamburro has developed a four-part platform of “unity, prosperity, accountability, and transparency” designed to engage residents with the municipal government with the goal of strengthening Verona.

In order to bring the Township together for mutual benefit, Tamburro seeks to reach and connect the various different demographic groups in Town, including long-time Verona families, new residents, retirees, families with children, homeowners, and renters. The unity plan includes promoting and celebrating the culture of support and pride in Verona, connecting the various civic organizations and groups in town through networking, and supporting the emergency services.

Tamburro wishes to enhance the prosperity of Verona through responsible municipal budgeting and capital planning in order to ensure that Verona is an affordable place to live for all residents. This includes using payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) funds from developments to finance capital expenditures and minimize debt service. He plans to evaluate all fees that Township residents routinely pay in addition to property taxes. In order to optimize our commercial center, he would work to incentivize property owners to fill vacant storefronts and offices to beautify the town and increase participation in the economy. This would be accomplished by conducting research to determine the businesses that our residents would like to attract to the community. Tamburro plans to ensure that development in Verona meets the needs of the residents.

A strong advocate for government accountability, Tamburro would promote a multi-year strategic plan for the Council to execute which is based on feedback from residents, business, and civic organizations. He supports decision making informed by constituent feedback and wishes to provide a detailed annual report to all residents outlining how taxes and fees have been allocated.

To increase transparency in government operations, Tamburro is committed to providing increased access to public records through the Township website and developing meeting notices and summaries to offer insight into key issues facing Verona. He wishes to promote public comment on issues affecting the Township while ensuring that residents have a strong understanding of the functions of the Council and the many boards and committees in town.

“This is an ambitious yet very attainable agenda for Verona that will be possible through the strength and commitment of our community and its leaders. I look forwarding to using the knowledge on municipal operations, constituent service, coalition building, strategic planning, negotiations, budgeting, and fiduciary matters that I have gained through my consulting and municipal department head experience to put these plans into place,” said Tamburro.

Tamburro invites all those interested in learning more or connecting with him to visit and